clothes for army and navy in yarmouthWelcome to The Army & Navy Store, Great Yarmouth, here you will find the traditions and service of yesteryear still exist and are at the root of everything we do. The business was founded in 1989 when the opportunity arose to turn a passion for all things military into a living and soon became known as one of the east coasts premier providers of genuine issue military kit.

The shop today is situated in the heart of Great Yarmouth a stones throw away from the historic Market Place and Seafront areas with parking for shoppers within the street. As you may see from the photos, we are packed full all types of clothing, boots and accessories, one thing you won’t find here – is empty shelves ! We aim to offer the very best in British and European surplus together with brand names you will recognise within the industry.

range of armed forces clothing norfolkMany of the customers today that visit the shop constantly remind me how long we have provided our services in Great Yarmouth and in many cases have been our customers for twenty plus years. Their needs are met by the age old tradition of purchasing military clothing and equipment for their particular use or pursuit. This may vary from outdoor sports and hobbies to theatrical and leisure use. We have had many strange requests over the years varying from parachutes for a local circus to ponchos for BBC film crews filming in the Amazon, what ever the request we try to provide the same efficient and polite service to everybody.

Our position in the surplus business for over twenty years has meant that the suppliers and contacts we have developed over that time have provided us with the very best within our industry, our access to the British surplus market is something we are particularly proud of having worked with the MOD disposals contractor for many years and dependant on the position of disposal, we can purchase most items this arrangement. Our continental surplus contractors can supply us with the very best offered by foreign armed forces. And as for new products, we are stockists for Web-Tex, Viper, Jack Pyke, Highlander, H & J, MIL-COM to name just a shops in norfolk for army and navy clothing

We work closely with cadet forces and youth organisation within our area and are pleased to supply many of the units with their requirements for military issue kit, but further to this is our very extensive range of children’s clothing and equipment which has proved to be an ever expanding market. The opportunity for your youngster to dress up just like dad of their favorite action hero is available by way of our kids camouflage range or maybe our range of camo nets and material is what you are looking for to give you that den they keep nagging you for!

buy army and navy clothing great yarmouthWhatever your requirement are we hope you will consider visiting us here at the Army & Navy Store Great Yarmouth we would be pleased to see you and hope we could fulfill your requirements on your visit or alternatively we may be able to order your goods for you. You will find the shop itself a unique experience with a display of military artifacts on display that always prompt comment. We are open six days a week and accept all major credit cards.

We may not always be able to guarantee the sunshine here in Great Yarmouth, but there will always be a warm welcome here at the Army & Navy Store. Hope to see you soon

Peter Fitzgerald – Owner